5 Tips to Shine... #4 Be Active: Exercise your brain and body

Be Active: Exercise your brain and body - with a natural glow

One of my peers at work told me that I have the ability to light up any room. The light comes from the inside and shines through confidence, being genuine and caring, and staying positive with a smile.

We all have heard the phrase - beauty is skin deep, it’s who you are on the inside that truly matters. Here are some tips to save valuable time and money, while you let your inner beauty shine.

Use your extra time from less primping to exercise your brain and body.

If you have a significant other, use your imagination on the best way to glow from the inside out… You may see what ‘look’ is an inspiration for makeup.

Otherwise, a quick workout will do the trick. Don’t over obsess about how much you exercise. Start with a small goal and work towards the larger goal. Even though its tough, you feel a lot better after a good workout. I personally need to get back on this train.

Keep your mind active by reading articles and books on your favorite topics. I love to start my day reviewing my Feedly thread. It is a simple way to keep up on business, technology, and fashion.

Yours Truly