About The Pukka Panda

Randa Green is a service operations expert and advisor for business leaders.

Certified and creative Salesforce Administrator with 5+ years leveraging Salesforce’s functionality, working directly with clients and teams to lead e-commerce platforms. Professional, fun-loving technical consultant with a customer service and account management background and extensive experience responding to client requirements. Expert communicator recognized for integrating and improving capabilities, best practices, core information, products, and processes. Authentic, optimistic leader who empowers teams, remains transparent throughout interactions and the project lifecycle, communicates consistently with customers, and manages quality products.


Professional Services

We will work with your teams to help them connect to one another more effectively so they may create the best experience with your customers.

Learn how the existing processes are working through an experience evaluation and collectively build new ones that are both effective and authentic. 

While each engagement is tailored specific to your business needs, here are a few examples:

  • Salesforce Quick Start

  • Salesforce Administration

  • Customer Service Consulting

  • Process Analysis and Design


Our goal is to improve capabilities and customer communications for small businesses and retail industry clients alike looking to streamline processes and build stronger, more robust operations and more loyal, brand-loving customer experiences.