5 Tips to Shine...#3 Be Positive: Show your glow from the inside out

One of my peers at work told me that I have the ability to light up any room. The light comes from the inside and shines through confidence, being genuine and caring, and staying positive with a smile.

We all have heard the phrase - beauty is skin deep, it’s who you are on the inside that truly matters. Here are some tips to save valuable time and money, while you let your inner beauty shine.

Be Positive: Show your glow from the inside out

Start your day with a smile. If you need a kick to get you going, turn on your favorite music. Smiling is contagious so spread the love with others throughout your day. Practice smiling with your eyes, your true smile, "Duchenne smile" or "smizing".

Here is how you Smile With Your Eyes.

Learn the triggers to your authentic smile. 

Smile Trigger Alert: Hilarious Greeting Cards

I have a stack of funny greeting cards in my desk that make me laugh every time I read them! It is amazing how a good laugh can improve your perspective.

The brand is ‘Frank and Funny’

One of my favorites is...

Inside: “Unless you have diarrhea”

Yea, that wasn’t the right joke to pull out in front of kids. On the other hand, try saying the word ‘poop’ when taking pictures of kids. It works really well.

I literally bought almost all of the cards to save for the perfect time and person. You need to be a bit careful on the distribution of them... Check them out and tell me you wouldn't laugh so hard by reading most of them. 

Another way is to simply think of a great moment with friends or family. The mind is pretty powerful for staying positive and healthy. Mind over matter!

Yours Truly