Master Customer Advocacy With These 3 Tips

Create Customer Advocates

The Masters tournament and my favorite golf pants are the inspiration for this post. I have been a loyal Bonobos customer and advocate since they first started making the best men’s trousers by eliminating the ‘Khaki Diaper Butt’.  I thank them for all women. Bonobos doesn’t even make women’s clothing; however, they did kindly take my feedback from years ago and started a brand for women, Ayr.

You may have heard of Net Promoter Score as a method to track success of service. NPS (Net Promoter Score) asks one question:  How likely is it that you would recommend [your company] to a friend or colleague?

Since keeping a customer is much easier than obtaining a new one, a good NPS is important for the growing amount of SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and anything else you can think of to put in front of ‘as a service.’

I am much more than a promoter of Bonobos and several other of my favorite brands and services which I am sure to talk about in future posts.

Bonobos has quality brand positioning and e-commerce strategy. They are leaders in the ‘clicks to bricks’ trend with their guide-shops, and execute their strategy flawlessly.

Bonobos has the three critical keys to success figured out. If you can do well in the following three things, you will create customer advocates in any industry.

Effortless Experience

Customers want to have an effortless experience so they can get on with their day.

Every interaction I have had with Bonobos has been effortless. The real test for a company is when there is a difficult situation. When the Bonobos website was overloaded on Cyber Monday a few years ago, they provided a simple email form that would notify customers once the site was available. As a customer, it was effortless. On top of that, they ended up extending the sale to make it up. I bet they won several new customer advocates!

Uber and Nordstrom are two others that provide an effortless experience. Read ‘The Effortless Experience’ to learn more about how you can build loyalty. 

Quality Product

People want to have a consistent experience and know what to expect of your product or service. Bonobos has a quality style and brand. The product must be designed for the specific purpose that creates value for the individual.

Since today’s post was inspired by the Masters tournament, it makes sense to highlight the detail golf score-card that is creatively included inside the Bonobos pants. It is such a nice touch along with the ankle zipper.

In a service business, it is important to have similar quality standards within your software while your service is reliable and available when expected.

Personal Connection

Everyone likes a personal connection.

In the past, Bonobos allowed customers to submit name entries for their pants. It was a great way for them to connect with their customers personally.

Alternatively, you can provide choices to target different types of customers. While Bonobos started out strictly in e-commerce, they recently have opened guide shops in key markets to create a personal shopping channel for customers which prefer a physical store.

Restaurant chains create closer connections through providing different menu options in geographic markets. Whether it is through personal shopping, geographic differentiation, or use of technology and social media, there are endless options to be creative with personal connections.

What do you think? Would you advocate for a company that provides an Effortless Experience, has a Quality Product or Service, and creates a Personal Connection?

Yours Truly,