Choose Your Wearable With This Personal Shopping Guide

Device Personal Shopper: At Your Service

Now that you have set your goal, established a timeline, you are ready to choose the device that will help you effectively hit your goal - balance fitness with fashion and communications.

The wearables market expands to different categories: Apparels & Textiles, Devices (mainly conventional technology), and Allied Subjects (typically carried, not worn). This post will focus specifically on devices that enable you to track your movement through apps and connection to  phone or pc. You may need to use a few devices if the wearable does not have an option for your activity. I suggest choosing one application or wearable to be the source of truth for your data metrics.

My original 6 device comparison expanded to 33… In a previous post, I shared that limiting customer choice increases sales by 600%. The Paradox of Choice. People have a hard time making a choice when there are too many options. The magic number for optimum choice is between 1 and 6.

One of the methods I shared to limit choice is through ‘Personal Service’. I was your Personal Shopper to limit the wearables into categories that makes sense to your lifestyle: Fashion, Fitness, or Both. Hopefully this helps make it easier for you to choose the right device.

My favorites in each category as shown in flowchart:

  • Fashion: Mica Smart Bracelet for Women & Michael Bastian for Ben
  • Swimming w/ Screen Status: Garmin Vivo Active
  • Swimming w/ No Status: Withings Activite
  • Keep it Simple: Mira Bracelet for Women & FitBit Charge for Men
  • Heart Rate: FitBit Surge - *note devices in swimming and communication columns may also monitor heart rate. This column is strictly for devices that do NOT have communication capabilities.
  • iOS and/or Android: Apple iWatch
  • Android Specific: Samsung Gear S

 Which is your favorite? What will you choose to track your goal?

Yours Truly