5 Tips To Shine From The Inside Out: #1 Be Yourself

One of my peers and friend at work told me that I have the ability to light up any room. The light comes from the inside and shines through confidence, being genuine and caring, and staying positive with a smile.

We all have heard the phrase - "beauty is skin deep, it’s who you are on the inside that truly matters". Here are 5 tips to let your inner beauty shine while saving valuable time and money. The focus for today is to 'Be Yourself'. Please scroll to the bottom to fill out the survey with your view of natural.

The Stats:

  • 55 minutes: The amount of time the average woman spends primping each day

  • 2 weeks: The amount of time spent per year doing hair and makeup

  • $80 - $150+: The amount of money per visit to the salon for highlights or

  • $15,000: The amount of money women spend on makeup over their lifetime

  • Instantly: The amount of time it takes to be your authentic self

The 5 Tips:

  • Be Yourself: Embrace the #iwokeuplikethis hashtag

  • Be Confident: Practice your confident body language and power pose

  • Be Positive: Show your glow from the inside out

  • Be Active: Exercise your mind and body

  • Be a Flip Flopper: Mix up your daily routine to keep your brain active

Be Yourself: Embrace the #iwokeuplikethis hashtag

I personally prefer no makeup and my natural hair color, which has been my normal routine since I can remember. I prefer to spend the extra time picking out a fun style to match how I feel each day - expect more on this topic.

People become accustomed to seeing us a certain way - either with or without makeup. We each have our own authentic style. If you are more comfortable wearing makeup on a daily basis, perhaps try one day a week without makeup to incorporate as part of your ‘regular style routine’. Next time you need some extra beauty sleep, worry less about how you look since it is part of your regular routine.

I hope the trend of no makeup and un-retouched photos continues to become the norm. See Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, and other models without makeup.

If you don’t believe me: Make up? It's pretty much a waste of time: Natural looks found to be much more important when it comes to how attractive a woman is  

Tell me what you think in this survey or comment below. 

To add some color, I will survey some random strangers in NYC. Stay tuned... 

Yours Truly,