Randa Green - The Real Pukka Panda

ThePukkaPanda Story

Authentic, charismatic, clumsy, driven, energetic, friendly, leader, lovable, positive, and smiling are a few words that describe me - ThePukkaPanda. 

  • Initial Idea:

    Start a fashion blog to complement my hobby, as I love the creative outlet of choosing different looks. One day is preppy, next day edgy, perhaps classic the following day - the choices are endless.
  • The Problem:

    Fashion does not capture the complete picture of me, and there was no clear message or theme. 
  • The Message Discovery:

I am not a poker player - what you see is what you get. I hear this often from friends and colleagues at work. I am proud of my authentic and vulnerable personality. My face tells it all.

I often have a Cheshire Cat Perma-Grin some may also comment. I have a contagious positive outlook to share and promote.

  • The Result:

I strive to be authentic and positive in all areas of my life - family, friends, business, fashion, and with strangers. I will blog about embracing a true authentic and positive lifestyle.

  • The Name:

‘Pukka’ is a synonym for authentic. ‘Panda’ is my nickname - Randa Panda. www.thepukkapanda.com.

  • What to Expect:

Authentic and positive posts about my life: Business, Fashion, Lifestyle, Favorites, and links to articles around the web that support the message.

What is authentic?

I think authentic is being your true self - not being afraid of what others will think.

Here is a link to a good article on 10 habits of highly authentic people

What is your definition of authentic? 

Yours Truly,



I chose the name for this blog back in September of 2014 and made the leap to purchase domain names from Godaddy.com on the first of October. Originally, I set a goal to launch on my birthday, December 7th - which I reset to the beginning of 2015 for various excuses. I failed to ship as Winnie describes Your Turn Challenge - until now.

I officially accept the challenge posted by Winnie on Seth Godin’s blog, Getting Unstuck - A One Week Challenge. Honestly, I do not have solid details for the execution; however, am clear of the message: Embrace an Authentic and Positive Lifestyle.

Blogging is something new to me! I would love for you to come on this journey with me.