General: I am a down to earth, midwest girl at heart. I grew up the majority of my life in a small town in Ohio - actually named the safest in Ohio. As a young child, I was active in various sports, with gymnastics as my passion through high school. You may see me still embrace my childhood love of gymnastics whenever possible. 

Career: After college at Ohio University for business, I moved to the Windy City, Chicago. I started my career in Sales and transitioned to Operations in technology for a Software as a Service phone system for businesses. About three years ago, I switched to Product Management within the same company - which brought me to the great place of Manhattan and most recently Brooklyn, NY. 

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Hobbies: While there are options for adult gymnastics, I have switched my focus to learn other physical hobbies. When I was in Chicago, I embraced martial arts and earned my black belt in Kuhapdo - a samurai sword martial art like the real Kill Bill. When I first moved to Manhattan, I tried Aerial Silks, which was a lot of fun. In the end, Pilates was more convenient. Last year, I committed to do a Half Iron Man competition which pushed me to take up biking, running, and swimming. 

I look forward to sharing more in my blog and would love to hear from you.