Create an effective and authentic experience with your customer at the center


Integrating innovative technology, such as Salesforce.com and other cloud applications, to support business operations


An authentic and genuine experience starts with the people. Understand how the roles within your organization connect to one another and to the customer with a 360 degree outside perspective. An experience evaluation looks across and within departments and aligns to the customer. The final result is a positive holistic view for everyone.



Choose the right products to make a positive impact on how your people connect internally and with customers. Ensure all have a consistent experience with the right tools. Help them collaborate effectively with a leading CRM solution like Salesforce.com. Integrate tools together to make it easier. Understand which cloud technologies are available to streamline processes. 



Processes drive the way in which the people interact with one another and how efficiently you can deliver an effortless experience to the customer. A process analysis and re-design provides a forward path to all roles. The result is a clear daily, weekly, and monthly view for each department with management responsibilities and recommended key metric reports.  

"We had a great experience working with Randa for our Salesforce implementation and Desk.com to Service Cloud migration. She helped simplify the overall process and saved us time." Jenna Gumpel

Guest Experience & Marketing Manager